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their best material ever. - 80%

Black_Metal_Bastard, March 9th, 2005

Dark Funeral have never been a band to say they are original. They aren't, but unlike a lot of bands of this nature, they have spirit. They know what they want to do and do it. The material presented on here is the best this band has ever written. The guitars are fast, speed picked, but also with a lot of melody to them. Drums are mostly either blast beats or slower, more doomy, but still are good, and not sloppy or anything. The vocals are demonic, really tortorous, and they fit perfectly with all the chaos going on on this.

Really, there isn't much more for me to say about this album. The songs are all fast, with slower parts incorporated into them. Open the Gates is definately the standout track on here, or In the Sign of the Horns, with it's very ominous opening riff.

This is a very promising start for this band. Although with the full length, Secrets of the Black Arts, things would become a little too monotonous for me. Buy this now.