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A great package for all Dark Funeral fans! - 83%

Asamaniac, October 15th, 2008

What can I say about DARK FUNERAL? That they are one of the best Black Metal bands out there? Or should I say that these guys - along with MARDUK of course - honor the great legacy of Swedish brutal Black Metal? DARK FUNERAL have managed to become known with their hard work and incredible talent, and I believe that this DVD release was the best way for the band to pay tribute to its loyal fans. A great gift from the Swedish blasphemous maniacs just for you!

Sweden has offered many great bands regarding the Black Metal scene, and DARK FUNERAL is one of them for sure! With albums like their kick-ass debut "The Secrets Of The Black Arts" (1996), their sophomore full-length work "Vobiscum Satanas" (1998) and their - in my humble opinion - best album "Diabolis Interium" (2001), the sacrilegious murderers have proven that they have the balls to stay alive and proudly tear the stage apart with their torturing melodies. After having gathered a loyal fan base, the band - along with its label Regain Records - decided to release this magnificent DVD that contains everything a fan could ask for.

"Attera Orbis Terrarum Part I" contains three full shows that the band has played in Netherlands (013, 5/3/2006), Katowice, Poland (Metalmania Festival, 2/3/2005) and Paris, France (La Locomotive, 17/3/2006). This is the first time I come across a DVD with so many stuff in it, and I can say that three full shows will make you spend your time pleasantly under the blasphemous melodies of DARK FUNERAL. The band performs each single track with incredible ease and proves that it is one of the best and most brutal Black Metal acts out there! Emperor Magus Caligula is a real beast behind the microphone, Dominator just destroys the drum kit, the guitar duet kicks major ass with its fucking awesome leads and the bass... well, it's Black Metal, what did you expect?

The band's set list contains every classic song and as it seems DARK FUNERAL thought about every single fan and tried to satisfy them all, something that they managed to achieve in my humble opinion. Kick-ass tunes like "Hail Murder", "An Apprentice Of Satan", "The Secrets Of The Black Arts", as well as the great "Attera Totus Sanctus" from their latest album ("Attera Totus Sanctus", 2005) bring a feeling of melancholy for the shows you watch, but you didn't have the chance to attend. Whoever was there, was a pretty lucky guy (or gal) for sure!

Except from the three shows this DVD contains, there is also a "bonus material" place, where you can watch previously unreleased amateur footage of the band's very first and legendary gig in Oslo, Norway on May, May 4th, 1994 up until today (terrible audio and video quality, but nothing I didn't expect). You also have the chance to see the band performing some covers of bands like BATHORY & VON.

One more thing that will haunt your screen (either TV or PC), is the video clip for the song "Atrum Regina", which consists of live clips of the band (probably from its performance in Paris, France, that is also contained in this DVD). Nothing amazing if you ask me. As you have understood, "Attera Orbis Terrarum Part I" contains everything a DARK FUNERAL fan could ask for and is definitely a must have for every single blackster out there. Need I say more? I think that I covered every single side of this release. Now it is your turn and the only thing you have to do is buy this DVD, put it in your DVD player, relax and witness the gloriousness of one of the best Black Metal bands that reigns this world! One simple word for these Black Metal heroes... Respect!