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Epic German Black Metal - 90%

antipath, December 11th, 2004

The Germans know about battle. They know what it sounds like. They know how to make it into music. This record is incredible. From the first time I ever heard it I knew it was a classic. A fusion of victiorious thrash and powerful, hateful black metal. The riffs are melodic in a glorious, triumphant way. The vocals are some of the best that I have heard in a long time. They constitute vicious screams, screaches, and even growls. The bass can be heard if the listener focuses, and to my great suprise, actually contribute to the melodic elements. The drums really do a good job of creating a battle sort of feel to the songs. There are blast beats only when theyre needed. I have heard the later Dark Fortress records and none can compare to this one in epic scale. After this record, half the band left. I guess they also knew that this was not to be topped. All the songs are fast and very agressive except for the last track, which is a beautiful, sorrowful acoustic ballad. If you ever see this record and you love melodic, warlike black metal, you must own it.