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Original Black Metal, Good quality Production - 90%

Ultimate_Dave, January 2nd, 2004

This is the third release of black metal outfit Dark Fortress, and the first album of theirs I have heard. Though it usually takes me a listen or so to actually get into a lot of black metal, "Profane Genocidal Creations" hit me immediately, and from the first time I heard it, it went on heavy rotation in my CD player. With this release, they combine the acoustic passages in the vein of Dissection, with black metal in the style of mid-years Emperor and early Satyricon. And for a black metal album, it is produced very well, with production most similar to Dissection's. The tone of the acoustic production is set very well, and works very well with the songs with the way the passages are arranged. They accomplish the same with the keyboard sections, as opposed to the keyboards taking over as the primary instrument, and laying down nothing but a simplistic classical composition (tonic subdominant dominant tonic), rather they write very well, and pay attention to its overall place in the mix itself.
I love the way they write on this album, they don't take cliches of black metal and repeat them over and over again, such as 32nd note single note passages, nor do they adhere to simply using the keyboards as a rhythm instrument on the synth choir or string settings, they go beyond those cliches to find their own voice.
The combination of great clean vocal parts layered over the entire song is another thing they accomplish very well here. The best example is 5 minutes into the track "Defiance of Death", the way everything is brought together is simply awesome, and makes me rewind almost everytime. Needless to say, that is my favorite track on the album. The rest of the album is similar, "In Morte Aeternitas" comes close, but doesn't match "Defiance of Death".
Dark Fortress has done a good job in finding their own voice in black metal. Fans of Dissection, Emperor, Burzum, Satyricon... check out this album, those bands may pretty much be gone, but at least you can check out a band that has done what those bands have done, which is to find their own voice, and avoid stylistic cliches.
Standout Tracks: Defiance of Death, In Morte Aeternitas