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This is really awful ... except for the bass line - 40%

oneyoudontknow, April 21st, 2009

There is so much wrong on this demo that I hardly know where to start. Four songs plus one intro are offered on the first release by the German band Dark Endless and except for the bass lines, everything simply sucks; would it not be for them, the entire release could hardly be endured.

In a nutshell:
- too many vocals, they do not fit together with the melodies, are all over the songs and are annoying.
- the guitars are often some icy wall in the background, heavily distorted and remind on Xasthur, yet their play can be ignored, because it is pretty boring, due to the large amount of repetition.
- the drums can be ignored as well, because they are not able to give the music much momentum and are often drowned in the background.
- the bass has some cool melodies in Selbsthass and Lebensfremd and as its play can be distinguished from the rest of the music, it is able to add some dynamic to the whole mess.
- there is so much chaos in the songs that it is impossible to concentrate on them. Any instrument plays something but it is nothing coherent, there is no red line, there is nothing to guide the listener or to create an atmosphere. To put into plain words: simply awful.

The music is influenced by the depressive black metal branch, especially when it comes to the minimalism in the motives, the slightly metallic vocal style and the dense 'wall-like' guitar sound in the background.

The song-writing is an endless repetition of ideas, lacks of variation of tempo and the chances to have fallen asleep at the end of the demo is quite given. Would it not be for the bass lines in these two songs, then the score for the release would be much lower.