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Shreds all the way through but has some slw points - 83%

Ragnarok, January 10th, 2003

I picked this album up because of a sample of the song "Green Blood" on The End Records website, so I got the album and the first listen i wasn't really that impressed with it, but I gave it a few more listens and I realised it was great.

The first song "Armegeddon" is pretty mid-paced, overall it's a pretty average song, the second songs "Die Mermaid!" picks up a little, and has sortof a "Maideny" feel to it. The third song "Who dares to care" just shreds, through at a fast pace, it's my favorite song on the album, and its probobly the fastest song on the album. The fourth song "Give a chance" slows everything down and it's one of the more boring songs, I ted to skip it, but as a slow song its pretty good. The fifth song "Green Blood" picks up the pace again and, it sounds a little out of place on the album, and it drags on a bit near the end but overall its a good song. the sixth song rebellion, is a bit faster and really shows the vocal range of the singer, as he has halford-like shrieks, great song.The seventh song "Dark Avenger" is great and again it has a "maideny" feel to it.The eighth songs "Half dead eyes" is another slower song and I pretty much skip it, though it's ok .The ninth song "Madelayne" is shreds the album back to pace and is a also a great song. the thenth song "Ghost Divinity" starts out sorta slow, but quickly speeds up and is a great song.The eleventh song "Call of Fight" is great, and has a great pace and lyrics.The twelfth song "Morgana" has a great pace and just kicks ass like the rest of the album.

overall, this album is pretty fast paced with the exception of the two slow songs, it has a blend of trad. and thrash metal, the vocals are very "Priesty" but are great and the guitar work is excellent through out, adn the drums and keyboards add perfectly to the mix, It's a great album if you like faster, "priesty" sounding stuff.