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Ultimate Revenge 2: Ultimate VHS - 85%

SpiritofRush, May 31st, 2013


I felt like I should file this under “music DVD”, but it’s not a DVD or a classic album, but more of a classic VHS. Can you believe I’m saying that in 2013? Classic VHS indeed it is! The VHS never came out on DVD, and is out of print for obvious reasons. I should probably get it transferred to DVD sometime soon. And yes I still watch it on VHS.

Ultimate Revenge 2 –vs- Ultimate Revenge 1

The Ultimate Revenge 2, “VHS” is not the same setup as the Ultimate Revenge 1 VHS. For one, UR2 only contains the concert, unlike UR1 which had an interview with Slayer and Venom. Two, UR1 had the concert from Slayer and Exodus, but Venom’s footage wasn’t even live footage from the UR1concert. Here’s probably why, which is a quote from Slayer drummer, Dave Lombardo in the August 2006 issue of Decibel Magazine

“I remember Tom getting punched by Cronos [Venom]. We were in the back of the bus drinking, and we were just totally hammered. It was our first time on a tour bus. I remember Venom started the tour with these extravagant tour buses, but by the end of the tour, they were bankrupt and driving around in cars. So Jeff and I were drinking in the back of the bus with Cronos I think we were playing ‘Hell Awaits’ for him. Tom came in, hammered out of his mind, going, ‘I gotta take a piss! Where’s the bathroom in this thing?’ And Cronos goes, ‘Right here right here in my mouth!’ And Tom took him literally. He pulled down his pants, whipped it out, and went to the bathroom on Cronos’ hair. Cronos got up, grabbed Tom, and punched him in the face. They spent the rest of the night blaming each other, and Tom did the rest of the tour with a black eye.”

– Dave Lombardo (Decibel Magazine/August 2006)

There you go! As you can see, Tom Araya’s right eye is covered by his hair. Slayer and Exodus’ sets were recorded at Studio 54 in New York City. I’m sure Venom got sent home.

Ultimate Revenge 2 and the bands sets

Now back to the bands from Ultimate Revenge 2. The concert for Ultimate Revenge 2 was recorded at The Trocadero Theater in Philadelphia, PA in October 1988. To this day, The Trocadero remains a concert hall, and is still going strong.

Forbidden’s set wasn’t great. I’m not really into their music. Drummer, Paul Bostaph played that set. You may remember him from Slayer and Testament.

Faith or Fear were the only local South Jersey/Philly band that played that show. Their set was solid punk influenced, thrash metal. To this day, 2/5 members of F.O.F. remain in the band, when they reunited in 2008. They are still together, however, bassist, CJ Jenkins, who died in 2009 from a heart attack on stage during a show, Guitarist, Bob Perna who was in the band for a bit, but isn’t anymore, and drummer, Rich Lohwasser are all not in the band anymore.

Death’s set was great. They were supporting the Leprosy album, and had the lineup playing for that show from that album, consisting of Bill Andrews (Drums), Terry Butler (bass), Rick Rozz (Guitar), and the late, great, “Evil” Chuck Schuldiner (Guitar, Vocals). What’s ironic is that five years later asked Hoglan to play in Death, in which he was on the album Individual Thought Patterns and Symbolic in 1995. Why is it ironic? Check out this quote from the March 2011 Death special issue of Decibel Magazine.

“We had done the Ultimate Revenge II tour. That didn’t work out too well for anyone. Dark Angel and Death didn’t see eye-to-eye on some things. It got heated and Death walked off the tour. When Borivoj Krgin called me in September or October 1992 and said “Hey man, Chuck is looking for a drummer. Are you interested?” I was like, “Well, that’s weird. I thought we were enemies?” So, Borivoj game me Chuck’s number and bygones were bygones. Early December is when I went out to rehearse for Individual Thought Patterns. After about three weeks, we cut the record. – Gene Hoglan (Decibel Magazine, March 2011)

Dark Angel’s set was unbelievable! They had the most energy live and their songs are a million miles per minute. Vocalist, Ron Reinhert had amazing energy, headbanging with the audience members. Drummer, Gene Hoglan was twenty one years old then. His single stroke rolls on “Burning of The Sodom” in the intro were great on the snare drum! From what I read in Modern Drummer, he still uses the same bass drum pedals he used from that tour. No one from Dark Angel made it successfully after they broke up, except Hoglan, who was in a number of different bands from, Death, Fear Factory, Strapping Young Lad, and now, Testament.

Raven’s set wasn’t that great. I thought they were a bit misplaced on the lineup. It was a mostly thrash metal show, minus them and Death, but Raven’s music is very cheesy. I believe the show would have been better to end with Dark Angel.

- Andrew Hoxter