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The Essense of Thrash Metal - 95%

deathvomit70, June 20th, 2011

Listening carefully the entire album and comparing with the previous releases, I realized that the Dark Angel's style had change and they improved their music. I think that their new thrash metal style are better than the older style but, the older style isn't less important.

First of all, I think that the production of this album is just great. The fast and darkened guitars can be heard during the whole album and the solos have a good rhythm with a very skillful scales and great musicality. The job made by Gene Hogland in the drums was awesome, he have a great pattern and rhythm with the tempos and the vocals are mixed above the music well.

With respect to the structure of the album, I think that the entire album are well-structured and all the instruments and vocals have a great sound. The sound quality is not the best and is poor but, the sound in my opinion is pretty good and all the songs are made and recorded in a great label.

The lyrical themes and the job done by Ron Rinehart in the voice are simply great, he gives to the album the 'thrash' voice style. The lyrics in this album are very intersting because some themes are related to death, horror and insanity.

To finish, if you like the fast thrash metal style with great and brutal guitar, bass and drums riffs, you'll like this album. The solos, the riffs, the musicality, the style and the lyrical themes on this album are just awesome. Although the album has poor sound quality, the sound is great. If you're looking for a fast, darkened and killer thrash metal style, you might pick this one up.