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Ownage, but not quite another Darkness Descends - 93%

Terminvs_Est, December 9th, 2003

And just so you know, no the production of this album does not matter as much to me as the previous reviewer's opinion though I do have to agree that the guitar sound is a bit muddy and the vocals stand out a little too much. However this does deserve a good review with me because despite the production I just as happily bang my head to the maelstrom of riffs that is most of this album as I do when listening to Darkness Descends.

Now onto what else makes this album a step downward from it's predecessor. These three tracks; Cauterization(instrumental), Immigrant Song(Led Zeppelin cover), and Worms(small instrumental interlude). I mean what's the deal with Cauterization? I really don't care for instrumentals too much. And Worms, no guys there is no need for such things. And the Led Zeppelin cover. What the fuck is that? That cover is just too musically fluffy for Dark Angel standards. Nothing that sticks out as much as your typical awesome Dark Angel song.

Now onto the better tracks in this album. The Death of Innocence, Never to Rise Again, No One Answers, and The Promise of Agony are all pretty much like hot steaming sex. Truly continuations of Darkness Descends. But my favorite track of all in this album is the goddamn title track! This track rivals the shit out of DA's previous album's title track. "For this I won't apologize because I leave scars!" But the most memorable moment in the song is around 3:54 when Ron is shouting and screaming "I'm loooord and massterrrr. Of myy own future!!!" Yep that's something right there.

As for the sixth track, called "Older than Time Instead" it is a bit unmemorable for some reason. Though quite DAish and better than my least favorite three songs in this album, it just doesn't stick out in my head as much as the aforementioned tracks that are my favorites. Though the first-minute intro of the song is pretty tight.

So to sum it up, we have a thrash album that you either almost love as much as Darkness Descends(such as myself) or find rather dissapointing because of the somewhat questionable production(previous reviewer). I wonder if Boris, who's opinion on Darkness Descends I strongly support and share would fit into one of these two categories. I'm interested in his opinion on this third full-length release by these demigods(or demi-Satans) of thrash.