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Warning: Listening May Result In Fatality - 95%

SetAbominae6, February 4th, 2012

So you found it, huh? The forgotten gem in the underground thrash scene - "Leave Scars" ? Well congratulations, and you'd better fucking enjoy it. Why? Well, don't you know? This album is fucking FATAL! As you listen to this album, you will need

a. A new face [because your face will be melted by the madness that is the solos]
b. A new asshole [because the bass & drums will rip it open, nice and hard]
c. A new pair of pants [because you will shit yourself from fear of the lyrics and consequently, Dark FUCKING Angel]
d. And finally, new eardrums [because you will consequently become deaf as soon as the title track ends from constant ear bleeding].

This album starts off with a nice starter track - "The Death of Innocence". The bass drums pummel your ears just before Durkin & Meyer begin the massive chainsaw ear rape that is the guitars. Gonzalez's bass is quite present in this release, unlike their last album. While I love "Darkness Descends" just as any other DFA fan, I believe it is on their weaker side. But that's just my personal taste. This album basically takes the intensity of "DD" and increases it, tenfold. "Leave Scars" shows both sides of Dark Angel - the nitty-gritty metal-in-your-fucking-ass-thrash side, and the melodic, syncopated, and tight sound they had while playing together. Dark Angel is an experience like no other, and if your friends have recently gotten you into classic Metallica and Slayer, and you think THAT is thrash...

You are fucking missing OUT!!!

While I may not like Rinehart as much as I enjoyed Don Doty's voice, he is a well-fit replacement. At times he almost reminds me of Killian of Vio-Lence fame; at other times he also sounds as if Rob Halford had started smoking cuban cigars on a regular basis. Still other times his voice is indescribable in tone - distinct, nasty and definitely thrash. And what about the fucking lyrics? Fucking evil mind [Hoglan] at work here...

"As you enter your realm of incorruption, the values of morality in their pristine state.
The walls that surround you in a gentle caress protect you from a world of hate.
And the Earth is full of lurid madmen misogynists abound waiting to produce your fall -
But the being you should most fear when you turn out the lights is in no way human at all."

The first time I listened to "No One Answers" I got fucking chills down my spine. The lyrics are absolutely terrifying & down-right balls-out. Same goes with the rest of the tracks. It's an insane representation of evil darkness and brutality - now do you understand why I said Darkness Descends was WEAK SAUCE?!

The song lengths are all over the board in this release - with some songs reaching well up to & beyond 7 minutes. Those are the tracks that kick my ass every time - The first one I'll write to you about is the instrumental track on the album - "Cauterization". The first time I listened to this song, it just sounded like they were wanking on the guitars. Triplet here, triplet there; cool drum licks but I couldn't really tell what was going on. Repeated listens showed my eardrums where the riffs were at and just how complex this release is compared to most thrash metal. Dark Angel have again successfully taken what was done up to 1989 and created their own twisted, sick and disturbed child - the monster that is Leave Scars. Taking many elements of thrash and combining it with the intensity & darkness of death metal - you get a fucking riffage monstrosity.

The downside of the album? The Led Zeppelin cover. That's all I'm going to say.

Then you're right back into fucking nasty riffs with "Older than Time Itself". Pounding bass rips into your skull with these last 4 tracks. If no where else, this is where the bass is present. Counter-melodies are woven around the mastery that is the riffs and the precision of the drumwork. This album has never left my side. Ever since that fateful day in '06, when my friend introduced me to them & I proceeded to buy the album from Amazon. Yes; I too was once unaware of the monster that was Dark Angel. I, too, was once a Slayer/Metallica/Megadeth fanboy. But once I found out about this band... I didn't care about them anymore. I had found what I was missing. Dark Angel prove time and time again - they know what the hell they're doing.

And that's fucking THRASH!!!