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Thrash Metal at its purest form! - 100%

AnthologyMetal, December 2nd, 2008

A really kick ass album that Dark Angel made since Darkness Descends, this album is true thrash metal perfection. This album is no where brutal compared to Darkness Descends, but Dark Angel really tried to focus on clear vocals, grinding solos, and kick ass drum roles! This album contains nine songs, five of them of which are over seven minutes long! I could not find one bad song in this album, which means all the songs are worth listening too!

The album kicks off with The Death of Innocence, which has really fucked up in the lyrics but the brutality in this song is followed by a major drum role:

Somebody please stop or kill me!
My actions must be stopped before I strike again
Before, I didn't care what I was doing
But now I know I am an aberration

Obviously not all songs are like The Death of Innocence but I found one intriguing song in this album that had one good break down: No One Answers! The main rhythm of the song happens at the very beginning of the song and during middle, the break down begins after these lyrics:

No one answers!
To the cries in the middle of your dreams
No one answers!
To the cries rapidly becoming screams
No one answers!
Though you're forced to perform against your will
No one answers!
So shut up and accept your fate!!!

Cauterization is another song I found interesting in this album: no lyrics at all. This is quite rare to find in a metal band, but all I have to say is sit back and relax as the beauty of this song carries you away when you hear the perfection of changing drum rolls and guitar rhythms. The Promise of Agony is another song that kicks total ass because the main lyric "AGONY!" is really fitting in this total despair, I felt under the impression that agony was enjoyable. Finally the album song Leave Scars just wanted to go and beat the shit out of somebody because this song long and leaves no forgiveness behind. Aggressive as this song gets, this is the only song that has multi-vocals as I hear the "LEAVE SCARS!"

Overall this album is worth the damn money, you will not regret of what you are going to hear. This is the last pure Thrash Metal album before the shitty 90's metal kicks in, so get off your ass, buy a copy, and enjoy Dark Angel's last great album!