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Dark Ages - The Shadowdomain - 80%

Angelicus, June 4th, 2005

This is the second demo recorded by the belgian 4-man band "Dark Ages".
It contains 23 minutes (which fly by as you put it on) of pure, dissection-like black-death metal.

When started, you will immediatly notice the fast, good sounding riffs that is supported by some great skill drumming. This fast way of playing metal is overdone, some say, but Dark Ages does not claim to be the most innovating band in the world, as all can clearly see the Dissection, Satyricon and even some Immortal influences.

Compare these great riffs and solos (especialy on "when angels bleed"), as well as vocal prestation and the superb drumming with the first demo (Lux Mortis), and you will be amased. Not only is the sound quality much (and that's an understatement) much much better, but also the style has gone from more black to more death metal.

Some music everybody should hear. BUY THIS ALBUM!