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Dark Ages - Lux Mortis - 75%

Angelicus, June 4th, 2005

Lux Mortis begins very slowely, with a keyboard based intro that reminds me of the earlier works of Borgir. When the first note hits you, you can hear the poverty of the sound quality. But this brings out the underground effect that the music contains.

When you speak dutch (like me), you can understand most of the lyricks they've written in dutch. These are not only powerfull black lyricks, but they reveal just how much time these guys spend in making their music.

back to the sound. We get a loud of everything: fast riffs, slow riffs, accoustic fingerpicking, solos and of course keyboards. This last is remarcbele: the keyboards are only used for intro, outro and interludes. There is no sign of the keyboard anywhere when you hear drums, guitars or the great vocal throwing-up-style-grunting works of the leadsinger/guitarist. But there is no need for the keyboards.

This tape, which is of poor sound quality, keeps you listening, and leaves you unsatisfied and wanting for more. Everytime you listen, you will discover a new note or two, that was hidden so carefully and has an effect on the entire album, for Dark Ages know how to set a mood.

Great work by these Belgian musicians!