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Dark Age – Minus Exitus - 95%

vmt02, May 14th, 2008

Oh my god, Eike, you and your Dark Age companions compose unbelievable impelling music! The last self titled work was already outstanding but this time I am not only convinced by your ability in playing but the numerous details in peculiar.

The band masters the gamble of contrast in formidable style without doubt! Evidently the artists took a lot of time for the well elaborated vocal lines and offer a lot of interesting variation. The spectrum ranges from nice clear vocals over aggressive Thrash screeches to dark Death growls. Many refrains like the one appearing in the track The Dying Art Of Recreation, find their way to my memory easily and stay there irresistibly. In the title it is stated that the art of recreation dies – but how the hell should someone sit quietly and relax while listening to such great refrains? You know the answer by yourself: compulsive drums merged with driving guitars are a guarantee for every melodic Death Metal addict to bang his head in ecstasy! In addition this work gets upgraded by throttling speed through a short bass solo which means a perfect arrangement. Afterwards tempo gets faster and I am surprised by heavy starting song Exit Wounds inhering uncommon and self-reliant melodic voice lines and a chorus that is not ordinary contributing a lot to Dark Age’s polarization.

In further course I appreciate the fantastic guitar work peppered with a lot of delicacies. Thereby the very interesting Instrumental piece attracts my attention. Named one does not get boring at all despite its length. In all, music oscillates between catchy head banger’s nutriment, gentle intermezzi and fast as an arrow attacks. Minus Exitus turns out to be an extraordinary top-class goody – not only for the moment but deploying an enormous long term effect because of its richness in details. Some electronic elements are integrated perfectly so that Dark Age create a voluminous and mighty sound, which is not overloaded fortunately and delights the listener’s heart.

Minus? Exitus? By no means! Dark Age are as fresh as a daisy and ready to take a huge step up to the top!