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How Do The Gods Kill? - 97%

Metal_Scythe, April 28th, 2003

This album is arguable Danzig's best work, most agree that Danzig 3 is their favorite album, and I can't disagree with them there. How The Gods Kill is a killer album from the devil himself, Glen Danzig. 3 still has the classic line up of Glen Danzig (vocals), John Christ (Lead Guitar), Eerie Von (Bass), and Chuck Biscuits (Drums). This is the album that perfected Danzig's eerie blues influenced blend of doom metal, not a single track on this album is a filler or boring piece of material. The album begins with "Godless" which for some reason is referred to as a remake of "Twist of Cain" which makes no sense to me, it is a very originial track and has a wicked tempo change, it starts out fast then dramatically slows down to an erie drum beat, before Glenn yells "Godless!", but don't worry the song again picks up to the intensity of the first minute later on. The album contains harder tracks like Dirty Black Summer, Left Hand Black, Heart of the Devil, Do You Wear the Mark, and the epic When The Dying Calls. It also has a few songs that have really cool tempo changes such as "Godless", "Anything", "Bodies", and the title track "How the Gods Kill" which really explodes into an awesome riff which is very unexpected when you hear the song for the first time. One can't forget to mention the epic "Sistinas" which is the slowest song on the album, Sistinas is a very beautiful ballad and it conveys an emotional and depressing mood at the same time, a perfect song for when you feel like shit, or you have experienced a form of lose (family member, relationship, ect) this song has uplifted my spirit more times then I can count, and I have often thought it would be the perfect ballad for a funeral. If you own any Danzig album I strongly recommend buying this if you don't already have it, trust me you won't be disapointed. If you are a new fan of Danzig and are wondering which album you should purchase first, I think its best to start with the first album and work your way forward, but this album is without his best work yet, its emotional and moody, but at the same time it has its moments of faster riffs and aggression.