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A Great Voodoo Feel - A Must Have - 95%

Kutulu, May 22nd, 2005

Danzig pulls off what could be the greatest album of his career. Only rivaled by his album(Lucifuge) before this masterpiece.

No album is absolutely perfect, but this one comes damn close. The only reason this isn't getting a 99 is for the first track, Godless. I am not a big fan of the first track for one reason or another, can't really put my finger on it, but it just isn't anything that catches my fancy.

But after that the album explodes. The next song is entitled Anything, more of a ballad type but it really shows of Glenn's vocal style. Only to lead into a song which Eerie Von is the highlight.

Bodies is a song with a very Voodoo feel and lyrical content all driven by a smooth bassline. Although the bassline is repeatative it is still astounding the life it brings to the song.

Next up we have the title track, How the Gods Kill. A song with the theme(as far as I can tell) about freeing yourself from the restraints and unhealthy burden of christianity and mainstream religion in general. This album is full of metaphorical and cryptic content, half the fun is discoving in your own mind what the songs mean.

Next we have one of the most driving tracks on the album. Dirty Black Summer. After a long and kind of drawn out intro of what is just wind it seems(even though it adds to the effect of the song in my opinion) a signature John Christ guitar riff kicks in. And the rest of the band soon follows. The song brings back memories of Twist of Cain. One of the best on the album.

Next we have my favorite on the album and one of my favorite Danzig songs period, Left Hand Black. An astounding song to mosh to live or just in your own home. The lyrics bring to mind the Knights of the Templar for some reason, and the imagery the song invokes is astounding. Highlight of the album.

Next we have Glenn show off his vocal talent again in the start of Heart of the Devil. The song reminds me a lot of stuff off of Danzig I, and has a very bluesy feel to it. Not one of his best songs, but a goody none the less.

Next we have another ballad song, Sistinas, a song that is quite dark and depressing even if it isn't a heavy song. Mood and tone sometimes pulls off more then the instrumentals ever could.

After the slower track Sistinas, we get blown back into the destinct Metal that is Danzig. The album ends with two of the three best songs on the album. Starting off with Do You Wear the Mark. Now I must say, I can't give this song as much praise as I would like it being that hearing the song live blows the studio version out of the water, but I can say it is an amazing song.

Ending with another dark bluesy track, and a very fitting tone to go out on, we have When the Dying Calls. A track mainly driven by the drums, in my opinion. But it is an accomplishment altogether, brings back memories of my favorite tracks from Lucifuge. Not much I can say about this song to do it justice.

In short, if you get one album from Danzig, you will have to tear yourself between getting How the Gods Kill and Lucifuge, although if you can get all of Danzig's work. Except 5-Circle of Snakes unless you have a very open mind.