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This is Elvis all over again. - 40%

austin, September 4th, 2002

Next up in the long line of "Musicians who should have hung it up a long time ago" is poor old Glenn Danzig. The man that released some shitty punk, three albums of mildly interesting rock/metal, hit the apex of his career with one album done right, then started an 8-year fall from which he never recovered.

Okay, I won't lie. I'm mildly entertained by this album. In a shallow way, this album is somewhat enjoyable, like in the same way the Misfits and Samhain were enjoyable. But like all shallow things, it isn't long before the album's appeal drops to a revolting level and then soon winds up on the shelf collecting dust.

According to Danzig, this is the "heaviest Danzig album yet". Well, goody. Frankly, the music may be heavier, but it comes at the price of ugliness. The guitars are as filthy as a two-dollar whore and less exciting. Another issue is Glenn's voice. What happened to that croon that made him famous in the first place? What happened to that classic "Elvis On Crack-Meets-Jim Morrison" howl? It's been replaced with tired, strained bleating, that's what. But maybe Danzig can't be blamed for that. The guy is what, in his 40's? What we can blame Danzig for is releasing an album that further shames his legacy and beats his career into the ground. As I've said, there are interesting points on the album, but they get old fast, and they aren't reasons enough for shelling out 17-18 bucks for a shiny Luciferi coaster. Much like his gut, Danzig has let his music go.