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Hit and Miss - 70%

Madman, March 23rd, 2003

Before this album was released and when Glenn was doing interviews and press he said that this album was going to be a return to the "classic" Danzig style and that this was to be the final album using numbers for the album title. The first part of Glenn's statement turned out to be wrong as this album is certainly not a return to the classic Danzig style that many know and love, this is something different altogether. I mean where's the soul?

With this album Glenn has ditched the industrial and electronic elements that were quite prevalent on the last two albums and at the same time has furthered the sound that was on the last album "6:66 Satan's Child". The album was obviously influenced by the current rock and mallcore scenes. No bluesy hard rock/metal here!

The album is pretty much hit and miss. The first 2 real songs are awesome, even though the beat in "Wicked Pussycat" reminds me of something from the Red Hot Chilipeppers it's still good. Then you hit a couple average tracks. Then the first ballad, "Dead Inside", which turns out to be pretty good. "Kiss the Skull" is next, pretty mallcore-ish with the drum/guitar rhythm. The title track "I Luciferi" is pretty cool, although I wish the melody in the beginning of the song would have been explored a bit more. "Naked Witch" is also quite good. Then it turns out that 3 out of the last 4 songs suck major ass! "Angel Black" is a crappy ballad, "The Coldest Sun" is really good and could have been on the last album, "Halo Goddes Bone" is crap and sounds like a mix of different songs from the last album, and "Without Light, I Am" probably would have been cool about 8 years ago when Glenn's voice didn't sound all worn out.

Is the album worth owning? This all depends on how much you like Danzig, are you a fan boy like I am? or are you more of a critic when it comes to your music?