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Let it be captured - 98%

Per_Ignem_Ad_Lucem, November 9th, 2007

The fourth and final album recorded with the classic Danzig line up, although it does not garner as much attention as the first three, it stands alone as a formidable Danzig cornerstone and a remarkable swan song offering of the late great Glenn, John, Eerie and Chuck incarnation.

I am not overly familiar with what comes after this album apart from the at times magnificent 'Lost Tracks' collection. The bits and pieces I've heard of Danzig post Danzig 4 have not sufficiently hooked me to investigate further and I believe that it is evident that the unique atmosphere of these first four releases significantly diluted after the split of the formidable original Danzig band of Eerie, John and Chuck.

It is also the final album recorded for Def American and it has been noted that around the time of recording, Danzig's relationship with Rubin had cooled off somewhat which left a majority of production responsibilities in Glenn's hands.

Glenn has claimed that he always intended that Danzig should have an actively rotating line up and the original line up only remained as it worked so well both on stage and in the studio. Indeed this is evident not only in sound but appearance as well. Had this line up not remained for four albums and Rubin's involvement not been so instrumental, we would be looking at an entirely different catalogue of work which may or may not have been better. I've always thought it was a shame this line up did not go the distance as this album exhibits a still enormous musical potential and is their most diverse. Better to burn out as they say......

Much has been said also of the changing qualities of Glenn's voice. It has certainly mellowed somewhat over the years and in my opinion Danzig 4 has captured a zenith point of it's commanding strength, power and subtlety. I have always loved Glenn's voice and always will and I believe it's unfair to attribute a lessening in musical potency to the aging of his voice. I feel it's more to do with the musicians he has worked with post Danzig 4.

I've always felt that he should have follow a more blues/traditional rock n roll driven path after the parting of ways of the Danzig 1-4 line up and focused on music which would compliment the changing qualities of his great voice, it's venerable comparisons of Jim Morrison, Elvis and Howlin' Wolf and his idols Roy Orbison and Johnny Cash. More like his Power and Fury offering to the Less Than Zero soundtrack. I'm still holding out for that Cantrell/Danzig blues album...

This disc contains some of Glenn's greatest vocal performances, Little Whip, Going Down to Die, Dominion, the sublime Let It Be Captured in which exists the fullest range of power, potency and dynamics which have graced any Danzig composition before or since and the masterfully ritualistic 'hidden track' Invocation. All this combined with the album's unique 'dark night of the soul' melancholy which could only been have been executed by musicians with great focus, musical chemistry and intuition. This is a truly essential and exceptional piece in the great Danzig dynasty.

The album also contains some more experimental productions compared to the first three albums, such as the single Cantspeak and the fantastically dark and malevolent sleazy electronics of Sadistikal. They are both great stand alone songs and do not detract but contribute very well to the flow of the album.

Danzig 4 is something of a departure from the previous three albums. Yes, the blues are still there but the anthemic and stylised attributes are toned down to make way for a distinctly more eerie, brooding, vital and personal feel. The atmosphere evokes Samhain and earlier Danzig which is no great coincidence considering Glenn's deeper production involvement. This brings a vitality and seriousness that arguably had not shown through as much on previous or indeed releases after this dark jewel.

'The demon comes but must be called
Comes to all the sleeping homes
He breaks the night and lifts their drones
Demon comes but must be called'