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Not Half Bad - 80%

corviderrant, January 27th, 2005

This is sure as hell not "Blackaciddevil" (thank goodness), I find it a good strong return to form on Danzig's part. The electronica/industrial influences were far more evenly integrated into the music, with the guitar making a welcome comeback into Danzig's sound. And a loud comeback at that; practically every song features prominent, pummeling, downtuned riffing that occasionally has a whiff of nu-metal, but I was relieved to see that this is far from anything of that sort. The riffing is far too strong and musically able to be nu-metal suckage, I am glad to say.

You still get yer weirdo electronic bits here and there, like the intro to "East Indian Devil Song", for example, with its creepy reversed female vocals, and the more subdued trip hop sounding stuff like "Cold Eternal", which is Glenn's most hushed and moving vocal performance on the album. His vocal dynamics come more into play on this album and he uses them well, with his softer vocals on the verses of opener "Five Finger Crawl" alternating with his trademark throaty wail on the chorus as a prime example.

Other than softer songs like "Cold Eternal", the nutbashers are more in evidence than before; "Five Finger Crawl", "Lilin" (his bluesy bawling is in especially fine form on this one), "East Indian Devil Song" post intro, the title track, and "Cult Without a Name" will show you that he still has it and how when it comes to blowing people's hair back. That last one has some more of his soft crooning and is a mindblower, winding down to a whisper in the middle until it nearly dies out altogether--then it roars back to smash you into the wall with bulldozing intent! Excellent production too, I might add, this album features--a sharp and full drum sound with thick guitars and bass.

Give Glenn a chance with this one, he will earn your respect back again if you lost it after hearing "Blackaciddevil", like I did. I don't think you'll be disappointed.