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Still Satan's Child Underneath It All - 77%

Metal_Scythe, April 29th, 2003

I managed to find this album really cheap and in mint condition for I couldn't pass it up. Satan's Child sure isn't a "How The Gods Kill" or "Lucifuge", but underneath the electornica influence Glen is still the same Danzig lyrically and vocally. Die hard Danzig fans will find reconize the style of songs like "Five Finger Crawl", "Cult w/Out a Name", and "Firemass" (which would have fit nicely on 4). Satan's Child doesn't rely entirely on electronica and industrial sounds like "Blackaciddevil" did but there are still songs that use synthethizers and some distorted vocal parts, like "East Indian Devil (Kali's Song)", "Unspeakable", and the title track "Satan's Child". There are also two songs "Into the Mouth of Abandonment" and "Apokalips" that have very different strong bass and drum intros, that have an almost funk or rap influence to them, after the intros both songs again utilize the electronic style, but still blend it in with some guitar work, the songs are in no way rap or hip hop they just have strong bass intros which are common among most african music. Vocally Glenn is still strong as ever despite the few voice distortions, I have often referred to him as the "King of Choruses" and even if the song musically is not exciting Glenn makes up for it with his awesome lyrics and vocal gift, why he would want to distort his voice in the first place is still unclear to me. Underneath the continued electronic experimentation Glenn still has a firm grasp lyrically on what he has always loved and believed in, satan, sacrifice, S&M, and lucifer. My favorites on this album are "Five Finger Crawl", "Unspeakable", "Cult w/Out a Name", "Firemass", and "Satan's Child. Another thing that I really liked about this album was the cover art, the cover is very appealing and compelling with a painting of Glenn being portrayed as a overpowering demon with blood soaked hands, and the cd inlay also features some cool photos and of the band and other female acquiantes in the typical dark manner. If you are a die hard Danzig fan and don't have this album, or have been unsure about purchasing it, my advice to you is to give this album a chance, its much better then 5, but still isn't the classic Danzig fans came to love, just listen to the album with an open mind and you will grow to enjoy it.