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A Test Of Patience - 85%

OzzyApu, May 18th, 2009

To my ears, there’s no real difference between this release and the full-length. Both releases sound like they were recorded in the same studio, so I won’t go into production details other than it’s very clear, rich, crisp, and retro. The vocals are Dan’s signature monstrous growls - not guttural, but hard and comprehensible.

The three songs of choice are not bad, I’d say. The whole album is truly a work of art, but these three are great teasers. The album itself it very keyboard based or as Swanö put it himself, “Rush playing death metal in the 70s.” Dan plays all the instruments, which is quite a feat considering how grand the even these tracks are.

”Uncreation” is the emotional track, with a hefty focus on the lead melody by both the guitar and keyboard. It’s the most optimistic and kind of the middle ground track. The solo section is the highlight, as if persevering over all obstacles and making a name for yourself in history – a romantic touch by a romantic man. The keyboards kind of have a life of their own, sounding a little bit high but lively.

“Sun Of The Night” is much more aggressive, with the keyboards playing a stronger backing. The leadwork is taken over by the riffs solely – very deep and addictive, yet dark and intimidating. The track reminds me a lot of Opeth - considering Dan’s involvement with that band, the similarity isn’t way out of left field. The solo here also is very flashy yet serious, with the keyboard tune almost giving us a hint of the tyrannical rule of the guitars.

“Patchworks” is the fun track, with an upbeat melody of combined arms by the guitars and bass. The keys show off the progressive touch, but the common instruments are more straightforward in riffs until about midway. Bass is bellowing in this one, and the drums hold more of a sustaining role. It still remains the least interesting the three, but butchering it is out of the question because it still serves as an amusing experience.

Since all three tracks appear on the full album, I’d say go straight for that one. Don’t even worry about owning this as a collector’s item, as I don’t think Dan really cared for this other than teaser material.