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Not horrible. not excellent. Disappointment. - 70%

WitheringToSerenity, July 30th, 2004

Upon listening to this album I was most likely like every other person here basically basing its success or how good it is in comparison to Pantera. Is it helpful? Not really. Is it going to stop me even though its not entirely fair? heck no! Will this ever touch Vulgar Display or the majority of there work? God no!!! But if I were to say this was an enjoyable listen I would say easily yes. It has its songs at least(which arent too many in my opinion)

Vocally it gets occasionally irritating when Lachman tries to emulate Anselmo. The vocals are strong nonetheless but nothing that hasn't been topped dozens of times already. Musically is the biggest disappointment as well as well as lyrics. "F**k you" in particular. Fitting Corey Taylor helped with the song. This might as well be a Slipknot outtake and I hate them with an undying passion. No other lyrics really stand out and the music is headbangable but for Dimebag I think its safe to say its a disappointment. I've read mallcore influences and possible nu metal influences in this album to the point of selling out.

Damageplan sounds very modernized or mainstream you could say. The riffs are much more simplified yet still heavy(not a thrash heavy either) with lots of groove. The drumming screams AVERAGE or possibly lower throughout every song in this reviewers opinion as well. The other main issue is what with the solo's? They are solid but I expected much more from that axe player!!! Taking it easy for the masses? Bleh! Anyhow the songs are not that consistent. I would say there is the occasional filler here and a certain urge to skip certain tracks. If you can barely tolerate Pantera and despise the mainstream sound, I would say there is next to no chance you will like this music. For those of you that can tolerate a bit of nu influence give it a shot. I dont think its worth buying and its nowhere near Pantera's level but its not bad. Decent and disappointed. If you like your metal(semi) modernized, give it a shot.

Favorite tracks: Reborn, Breathing New Life, title track.