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It sucks. - 6%

GrimAndFrostbitten, February 15th, 2004

Welcome to yet another of GrimAndFrostbitten's self-torture rituals. Today, we look at Damageplan, who are probably the most mallcore band, from their genesis at least, on the entire Metal Archives site.

Though there are some metal riffs and even a few solos, some of them from the overrated realm of Zakk Wylde, and some hearkenings to Pantera and southern sludge, it's mostly full of Drop-D, chugga chugga mallcore. Most of the guitar work sounds like it came directly out of a Korn, Slipknot, or Drowning Pool album, relying mostly on distortion. The vocals are weak and could also have been taken right out of a Korn or Slipknot album, and sometimes an Alice in Chains or Tool album when done cleanly on songs like "Pride" or "Save Me," yet don't accomplish it. Mr. Slipknot himself, Corey Taylor, even shows up in one of the many insightful and creative songs on this album, "Fuck You," which is the "fast" song on the album that's mostly made to seem so through drum beats alone. However, there's not too much hard-rhyming/rapping as you might expect, and fortunately none of the "muthafukka" ebonics stuff that I can remember even with the "new found power" lyrical themes.

Also, the songwriting is bland and bad. The songs vary in pace and form, usually at about Far Beyond Driven pace with some fast parts like in "Fuck You" and "Crawl," though a lot of it often falls into the realm of ennui. There's still a very, very diluted metal basis at the bottom of this, but the vast majority is putrid and "modernistic" with fecal chunks of mallcore swimming around. The people sway in the borderlines between mallcore like Slipknot, bad metal like Pantera, bad metalcore like Hatebreed, think Metallica's returning to their roots with St. Anger, and so on will eat this lowest common denominator garbage up. Welcome to the future of metal.

Verdict? Tripe. However, I feel generous today, so I'll give it a 6%.