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Astiwihad-Zohr - 69%

dismember_marcin, August 4th, 2016

Dakhma is another new band that I was introduced to recently. And another one which really rose my interest and managed to convince me with their music. I didn’t know their debut album “Passageways to Daena (The Concomitant Blessings of Putrescing Impurity)” and I went straight to the cassette tape “Astiwihad-Zohr” (released by Godz ov War Productions), but both were released the same year (2015), so I guess it doesn’t matter which of these two releases you will hear first.

But to be honest, at first listen I was repulsed by this EP totally. Maybe it was due to the conditions in which I was playing this tape – which were rather inappropriate for this sort of music and I definitely played it way too quiet. But when I forced myself to return to “Astiwihad-Zohr” and this time played it louder and on a better stereo, my impression has changed; for better, of course. While I’m still far from jumping in joy for hearing the best shit ever, I can easily say that I’ve heard many, many better bands recently (fuckin Temple Below!!!)… but Dakhma is not bad also!

First you have to break through the chaotic, utterly raw and savage sound that Dakhma has. Their ultimately primitive and abhorrent production is the biggest problem I personally had (and still have) with Dakhma, as it often ends up with music sounding like unreadable and unlistenable wall of repulsive noise and chaos. Luckily, somewhere behind this you can catch some really fuckin awesome riffs and songs that make great impression. I definitely like Dakhma's music when it’s played in slower tempos, because this is when it is the most powerful and really heavy. Sometimes in the fast sections you will have troubles finding out what the hell is going on. But definitely if you’re looking for totally vicious, violent and primitive bestial black / death metal, then this rabid music will work for you well. It surely is no bullshit stuff, do not expect to hear anything nice or memorable. And with such brilliant songs like “Spirit (From the Plane)”, Dakhma shows that they have a lot of potential. This song presents some surprising harmonious and even doomy parts, all mixed up with outburst of pure, hateful noise.

With four songs on “Astiwihad-Zohr”, this EP is 27 minutes long, with the average length of songs around seven minutes. And I have to say that sometimes this music has an almost hypnotic influence, you can feel yourself drowning in a cacophonous maelstrom, begging for mercy from this sonic violence haha!

Standout track: “Spirit (From the Plane)”
Final rate: 69/100