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A somehow undiscovered jewel of a band - 98%

thrashy, September 12th, 2009

Where are they from again? Denmark? The first bands that come to mind when I think about Danish metal are Artillery and King Diamond, two colossal names instantly recognizable in the metal community. Yet no other metal artists really stand out. Of course a lot of us might be able to name a few more but my point is, nobody comes close to those two. With one possible exception: Daemon. Not to sound like I'm trying to compare them to anyone (for really, it would be a very tough task), but the quality of metal these guys deliver, especially on this album, can easily match Abigail or Terror Squad, or any other great metal album from this background.

Eye for an eye isn't exactly a typical death metal album. It's a very well balanced mix of creativity, aggression, highly skilled musicianship and a good sense of variety. Most of these qualities don't necessarily give out a good product in the end (i can think of a few bands that have all of those but fail miserably), but Daemon manage to produce a kind of sound that makes you instantly forget about all potential forms of false metal altogether and sets you in one simple perspective and state of mind: you want to headbang until you have no neck muscle left.

Without a doubt, most or all of the credit goes out to one person in particular: Anders Lundemark. Well yeah Hoglan plays the drums here too (just like on so many great metal albums), and he does bring his GODLY touch to the rhythm sections throughout the record, but the guitar playing, arrangements, vocal patterns and the different approaches used in the song writing mostly belong to Mr. Lundemark. I have a hard time believing how this effort goes so overlooked and underrated, but this album makes you realize all metal bands need a front man like Lundemark, one with a lot of talent and with extremely heavy BALLS.

The sound Daemon pull off is not a simple one to achieve. After a mediocre, amateurish intro that makes you think "ah what the hell, is this another mallcore jam", "Gone Forever" feels like a kick in the face. A mighty riff that doesn't stop at power chords or gentle licks or sweeps but with a solid progression and a lot of rock flavor to it. It's thrash as hell and makes you want to move your head, feet, or anything within reach for that matter. The song carries the same aggressive feel through, with a very sharp guitar tone and vocals that sound somewhere between growls and shouts and that fit the cadence perfectly. The second track veers off into a different direction, especially with the change from down to up beat, and the singing patterns also go from a more relaxed fashion into a very fast paced succession of words, making the song slightly less "thrash" and a lot more brutal and true to the death metal formula. "Disconnect" and "Eternal Bliss" go back to that catchy, thrashy, rock n rollish groove, with a slight variance in the arrangements and vocal patterns. All tracks have that strong Lundemark presence, not only with the badass vocals but with the blistering solos and heavy progressive riffs that make you want more and more. The rest of the album is just as varied, if not a little more. After a slow, bass heavy "Truth Be Known", "Kingdom Of Fools" and "The Beating" go back to death/thrash roots, again with aggressive rifftacular guitar playing and vocals and rhythm sections that couldn't possibly be catchier or effectuated to higher perfection. "Cursed" is likely to be my favorite track of the album, the intro guitars give me goose bumps everytime I listen to it, and the instant the riff kicks in it makes me want to play the whole album over and impatiently await the moment of metal greatness that is this song.
The last two songs bring that same unique, aggressive death/thrash sound, but again with slight variety in the song structures, riff progressions and vocal patterns.

Overall, a criminally underrated 40 minutes of full on metal assault that make you wish a lot of other European death metal bands would sound similar, or even a little close to Daemon. This isn't for the modern death metal fan, not overly brutal or complex but so heavy, catchy and intricate it makes most death metal records sound as though they were false, trend backed tries while this is the real deal, the real death metal album. This will kill posers on contact.