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New to me but a great find! - 90%

shatterzer0, May 15th, 2009

Two words come to mind when after giving this album a proper turn. Masterful and...atmospheric. Take the textures of a gothic band that make them so creepy, eerie and mesmerizing at the same time and mix it with an almost gloomy doom, death metal feel with some female vocals and you have D Creation (formerly Dawn Creation.) I had never heard about this band until today when I was out of random boredom looking for new music. It struck me as something I could listen to as I heard their whole catalog they had on myspace and wanted more. I found their album, acquired it and gave it a listen. I'm on the final track as I write this piece, but all I can say is wow. It's like listening to Dagoba meets Souldrainer with a sprinkle of thrash in there somewhere. Really wicked. The keyboards are so reminiscent of Dark Tranquillity as well, these guys have their craft down to a t. From the opening entitled "Asleep" until the final instrumental "Reject Humanity" this band showcases what many in the genre are afraid to anymore, experimentation. They do it well too. The lead singer has an amazing vocal range as well, not as great as perhaps my favorite of all-time, Christian Alvestam (but seriously, who can top that guy?) but he has enough depth to his go between of growls and clean vocals that it gives the music the intended effect. I cannot attest to many of the newer bands from this genre as even though this is my hands down favorite, I tend to listen to the more old school stuff. But if I were to say, this band, along with Mitigate and Blinded Colony could really open up a worldwide audience and spread this metal gospel, it is that good and is worth every penny.