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Just awesome - 95%

Maeguk, September 13th, 2021

Well, seems Spotify does sometimes recommend something valuable. This band has been a completely unknown territory for me, never heard about them before which is a massively negative fact. With my wife we list up at the end of a year what bands we discovered in that particular year, and which had the biggest effect on us. At this point in time, I know already DGM will be the winner of my list.

First of all, I had to do a little background search to get to know the band. It always comes a surprise when a band does not have any founding members anymore. Interesting, what makes the guys to carry on with a name that was invented by others. Most likely, when the last founding member left, they had 5 albums behind them, probably a relative fame too so it was evident to continue with the same name. Just like Stratovarius did.

We all know the feeling when you start to listen to a fresh music, your brains tell right away if the string of notes are not your cup of tea, or are mediocre, or are in fact kickass good. This album starts with a very mysterious, intriguing keyboard passage that just seizes your attention. After couple of minutes, we can state that this is a fine power metal with progressive elements, much like Circus Maximus’ Isolate album or like the late Elegy (the one from the Netherlands).

What really sells this album (for me) are two things: first, the amazing, masterful solo work that is present on each of the songs. They are difficult technically yet ultra-melodic. Sometimes the keyboard and guitar answer or battle each other with the solos, in my view it is on par than anything we hear on Liquid Tension Experiment disc. Speaking of which, I am 100% sure the guitarist Simone Mularoni is an avid Petrucci fan, he even stole a prominent solo lick from Under a Glass Moon (at 5:05). This is hearable in song Ghost of Insanity at 4:07.

Secondly, the singer Mark Basile. We know, Italy is full of brilliant singers, just think of Michelle Luppi, Alessandro Conti, Roberto Tiranti, Morby, Roberto Messina, Fabio Lione, Ivan Giannini to name a few. Now Mark gets to the same pedestal in my books. I admire his technically ability, the melodies he brings and the power he sings with. In fact, crazy how much resembles to Ian Parry from the above-mentioned Elegy.

At times the music actually feels to be perfect, like how music composing and music presentation “how-to” is written in that big book upstairs. The pace changes, the riff changes, the catchy melodies, song structures, everything is in place. I find myself listening to the whole album in one go, it’s that good. It’s awesome to have as a background music, it’s awesome when you focus on it. I urge you guys, if you are not familiar with DGM, give them a try.