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You just really have to hear it - 98%

ozzeh, April 5th, 2007

D.R.I. has done something that no other band has really been able to do for me. And that is mix punk and metal appropriately where the result is original and ground breaking. "Full Speed Ahead" is one of their best albums by far, in terms of heaviness and sheer consistency of the material. The punk elements are still there in the sheer speed of their playing, but the instrumentation is done with impeccable precision which is practically devoid in the punk genre. D.R.I. will write some very thought provoking lyrics and they're pretty much straight to the point. Songs like "I'm the Liar" and "Under the Overpass" are memorable not just for the insanely good riffs provided by Spike, but also because of their great lyrical content.

Their lyrics are also incredibly fucked up, say for example "They Don't Care" which is one of my favorite D.R.I. songs. It's about the Donner family and it's really off the wall. One thing is for sure, no other band I've ever heard could make a song about the Donner family sound so completely fucking metal. The drumming on this album is just awesome and the double bass is really done tastefully all throughout the 16 songs. There are also some very punk like songs like "Drawn and Quartered", that's not really my thing, but D.R.I. pulls it off well.

One thing I've noticed about this album is that the band tends to do a lot of break downs with some awesome riffing / solo'ing and bass / drum interaction. This happens quite a bit and really adds a sense of technicality which you would not normally associate with crossover band. Some of the other highlights of the album are : "No End", "Syringes in the Sandbox", "Girl with a Gun" & "Underneath the Surface". Overall though, the mix of punk and metal is excellent (though on this album it seems considerably more metal than punk). I highly recommend this to anyone, as this album is a classic.