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Great thrash/crossover - 95%

kd, March 25th, 2004

My favourite thrash band, none other than Texas' legends, D.R.I. Don't ask why, but I don't think any thrash band, past or present has touched D.R.I.
A thing about I love about this album is the "I could care less" attitude in regards to being tech. I mean, this, in my opinions is what the whole/thrash/crossover thing was about, right? Who cares about being a show off, that's not the purpose of playing music. This album is a perfect example of music that lacks technically, but more than makes up for it with substance. The riffs are very punkish, but more metal-sounding than The Dirty Rotten LP. The drums are often cited as being the proto-blast beat. I dont' know how true that is...the drums were a bit faster than your average thrash beat. Kurt's are shouted, yelled, and screamed. Pretty extreme for 1985, and very good album, even though it's not the most tech-conscience, as I stated before. More n00b kids need to listen to D.R.I., SOD, and old COC, then they can come talk "Thrash" with me...