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Thrash Masterpiece - 90%

Oubliette, September 23rd, 2004

I first discovered this album long before my interest in crossover-thrash truly blossomed. So, when I first slid my copy of “Dealing With It” into my stereo I was caught completely off guard, ambushed by a maelstrom of bizarre, hyper-speed, metallic punk. I didn’t know what to make of this strange music, the likes of which I had never heard before, with its unusual start/stop changes of pace, angst ridden adolescent vocals, and sheer aggression, the sort which I had always thought to be the domain of metal. But I knew immediately that what I had stumbled upon was an a-bomb of an album. A cache of boundless energy, hostility, and fuck-off attitude. As a seasoned veteran of extreme metal, I also recognized that the things I enjoyed most about metal had been integrated into this band’s style. Nowhere was the cosmopolitan nature of this album more evident than in the drumming, itself a distinct merger of styles; falling somewhere in between the machinegun drumming typical of thrash and death metal, and the fast paced bouncing style of punk. The riffs were memorable punk phrasings played at lightning speed, with a slightly dark, metal flavored tone about them. Generally the songs on Dealing With It were nonlinear, frequently alternating between fast and unmoshibly slow phases, and then ending abruptly. The tracks were memorable enough to get stuck in my head, despite being short and lacking much repetition. This album represents the pinnacle of DRI’s 25+ year career, and is an absolute must for any fan of extreme metal or hardcore punk.