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And Crossover Thrash was Born - 90%

DawnoftheShred, December 1st, 2006

D.R.I. not only invented the crossover genre's sound, but they also invented its name. The aptly named Crossover is the first of the band's album that is noticibly more thrash metal than hardcore punk, and a powerful addition to the collections of either genres fans.

The first signs of thrash metal influence come in the riffs. Though there's still some all out destructive high speed punk riffage, there's a lot of sweet metal riffs mixed in to sweeten the deal. "Tear it Down" and "Hooked" are prime examples of this new found metalness. The songs have also gotten longer to accommodate the stylistic changes. Though there's some speed-core numbers, most of the songs are now standard length. As for the songs' musical quality, I can't really complain with any of them. The production is solid but still somewhat raw, the band plays amazingly well, and the lyrics are still kick-ass.

Though a lot of the punk influence would fade into pure thrash later on, this album maintains the best qualities of both. It's a solid but varied release that puts a new spin on the legendary D.R.I. formula, a spin that would soon become historic. Enjoy.