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The ‘...And Justice For All’ of crossover - 60%

morbert, October 9th, 2008

But of a weird comparisson? Let me elaborate. I really love And Justic For All. I never had any problems with it. Not even the production. For some reason what many called ‘flaws’ just worked for me.
However! "4 Of A Kind" has the exact same ‘flaws’ and on this album I would really call them flaws.

The major complaints are:
- Over all extremely dry sound. It’s mostly flat guitars. The drums are neatly played and clean sounding
- Average pace is often too slow
- Songs are overstretched.

There are a few songs here which are quality D.R.I. crossover, having reasonable length and are to the point. We’re talking ”Gone too Long”, “Slumlord” and “Dead In a Ditch” here. The band tries to write and play lengthier songs as well and turn out to be succesful on the very catchy “Suit And Tie Guy” with its thrash metal proof riffs.

Most other lengthier songs just drag. especially “Think For Yourself” and “Man Unkind” seem to go on forever and the riffs are really too simple and monotone to keep the songs alive. Also on these songs Brecht’s vocal performance sounds pretty uninspired. Is this the same guy who sang with such energy on "Dealing with It"?

Now Suicidal Tendencies were doing the same thing at the time, namely shifting the balance of crossover towards ‘metal’. Suicidal got it right when incorporating more of Rocky George’s melodies and giving the vocals something extra. D.R.I. unfortunately just made their songs longer yet forgot to put in more detail to keep them interesting.

I don’t want to spend more words on it anyway. As said there are 4 or 5 nice D.R.I. tunes to be found here but honestly, just get their 1987 “Crossover” album for some really good crossover.