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Funny and ass-kicking at the same time - 81%

Estigia666, June 7th, 2003

I like this album. I really do. I'm able to enjoy hardcore/punk, and if it's mixed with some thrash, then the result is satisfactory to me. But this one ends up being more thrash than hardcore.

Now, don't get me wrong, there are still parts that are punky as all fuck, like the intro to "Think for Yourself", plus, most of the riffs have that "bouncy" rhythm that makes you want to shatter your bedroom doing that idiotic, but fun "pogo" dancing that punks do.

This is direct. This is non-pretentious. This works. Believe me, it does, get it if you're like me (a guy that doesn't mind a few influences outside of metal as long as the music pulverizes everything). Highlights: the aforementioned "Think for Yourself" (the punky part quickly evolve into some menacing thrash), "Do the Dream", the medley "All for Nothing/Manifest Destiny". But every song will satisfy you. Don't let the cover art fool you, this ain't for pussies.