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Misguided and Talentless (For the Most Part) - 40%

DeathRiderDoom, March 23rd, 2010

Having just wrote a scathing review for the god awful Castle Blak, whom just might be the worst glam band I’ve ever heard, I thought it might be a good idea to compare and review that record to some of the other second/third-tier glam records I own. Enter the well-named female fronted D.C. Lacroix. Another bandwagoning female fronted party glam band of the late 80s, which included Madam X and others, this band represents an attempt at crafting catchy, melodic and simplistic pop songs designed to entice the mainstream audience. That’s right – there’s very little metal in this thing, and actually, not much talent either. Though a step above the horrible Castle Blak, this band has little skill in crating their own songs, and this album should be avoided.

In a classic admitting of lack of talent (via having little material to play), the band includes several covers on the album – poor sign. The AC/DC one isn’t bad – and could make for a fun performance in a small 80’s club surrounded by big-haired teenagers, but the cover of ‘These Boots are made for Walking’ just smacks of desperation. This one is weakly done, with the questionable vocal talents of Sylvie Lacroix being il-suited to pop. Her attempts at an attitude laden snarl a la Leather Leone just come out as misguided, immature and talentless, especially in comparison to Nancy Sinatra. There’s only a couple of passable numbers – ‘Under Thunder’ being a pretty decent track. Here they exhausted just about all their talents coming up with one decent pop-metal track, which uses the backup vocals/harmony aspect to good effect. This one seems to have a bit of crunch in the ‘riffs’ and is a high point – if only the rest of the album were like this.

The album is generally misguided and weak, and though I know glam was marketable at the time, there were no shortage of bands who could at least play their instruments (though many naysayers would tend to disagree). Vixen, for example were marketable and could craft great songs (albeit, they probably had much studio help after securing their contract). This one has only a couple of catchy, passable tracks (‘Livin' for Rock and Roll’ despite Sylvie’s horrible voice, 'The Sword'), but has too many (poor) covers and shite tracks. Sure there are a lot of crap bands in this genre, but there are some damn good ones too. Do yourself a favour and get Vixen’s debut record instead.