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Better Than Anything DC has ever done! - 97%

PowerProg_Adam, February 8th, 2003

This album as of now is DC Cooper's only solo album, which is a shame, because it is one of the most complete cds in my collection. I first heard of DC when I purchased a sampler cd from Inside Out Records, and Dream totally blew me away, which possessed me to buy this cd. I wouldn't have been surprised had it disappointed me, because many solo artists don't release that great of albums. In my opinion, DC Cooper has one of the clearest and majestic voices in metal today, and it is very much different from his Rob Halford imitation with Silent Force. Since this is a solo album, then its very common to not have the musicians outshine the singer. D.C.'s band, which is almost all of Pink Cream 69, plays with a sort of laid back, midperiod Helloween type style.

Dream is nearly a perfect progressive metal song. An ambient build up to a snare combined with a cymbal crash kicks off this midpaced masterpiece. The end of the bridge "And I'm looking down, on my final resting place" sends chills down my spine as DC lets loose a rather high note that carries for virtually the rest of the song.

Easy Living is a cover of a Uriah Heep song, and without a doubt, it is better on this album. It is difficult to detect the keyboards that were originally here though, which is odd, because they do have a rather talented keyboardist in Gunter Werno.

Other high points of this album include the peaceful Until the End, which is very reminescent of In Your Arms on the Silent Force, Infatuator album. Its a very emotional song, which obviously means something very special to the people who wrote it. .

The songs in which DC tests his high range are apparent in the beginning of Whisper and Within Yourself. And his soulful voice is conveyed throughout virtually the rest of the album. The album is not normal progressive metal, because it certainly does not have any sort of wankery to it. The instrumentation is just standard prog riffs, but would not work without the voice of D.C. Cooper. If you have heard D.C. before, then I'd still check this album out, because his voice sounds much more well trained here. I would personally suggest this album for a fan of any type of atmospheric metal.