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Agios, Agios! Lucifer Ascendant! - 100%

HviteGuden, January 28th, 2020

Dødsengel is a remarkable black metal band. Its leader Kark has his own vision on the genre. It had already been noticed on Dødsengel's debut album. Stylistically it remained black metal, but the approach of songwriting was different from regular black metal. "Visionary" was more diverse in comparison to a lot of other albums, it was more chaotic in the sense of both music and vocals. It wasn't highly technical or polished in terms of production, but it still was elaborate. It sounded dark, what is important in black metal. Only a year passed since the release of the first full-length album, when the second one appeared. And "Mirium Occultum" is more impressive, because it's even more authentic.

On the very first look the album sounds like pretty common black metal, as its opener "Azonei Wyrdwalker" is generally fast and based on characteristic for black metal riffing with drumming. Still it's a quality piece of black metal. The composition carries a disturbing mood. The vocal performance is the thing, which stands out. Kark demonstrates not a regular way of screaming, an expressive one, but not a high-pitched shrieking, while it still sounds piercing. The album has only one more "common sounding" black metal composition, which is "A Word to Conquer the Aeon". Yet again the vocals make it special. Kark performs clean in an anguished way on the most intense episodes of the track. "A Word to Conquer the Aeon" carries quite tragic moods and clean vocals underline them.

So, other compositions are more specific. "Evocation of Amezarak" is an almost 20-minute epic, which literally looks like an evocation. It has multiple changes of themes and tempo. The starting episodes sound as if they prepare for something grandiose. And the least thing eventually appears, there are absolutely dramatic melodies in the culmination of the composition. The range of vocal performance is much wider on "Evocation of Amezarak", than it was before. It variates from a kind of desperate yelling, caustic shrieking and powerful growling to crying and hysterical laughter. Yes, Kark's artistry deserves a huge admiration. On the following "Alor mal ki" Kark's vocals again become a highlight, when he provides a grotesque inhuman gurgling. This makes the composition especially obscure.

The first four tracks are great, while the last one is the greatest. "Lucifer Ascendant" is a pure ritual. Darkness reaches its highest point here. The lyrics is a repeating spell, which is presented by clean chanting. The instrumental part fits such style. The composition is slow, the riffs are dissonant, they put in a trance. There's some tremolo picking, which brings the gloom. Kark chants just like a possessed. Thus, a quite ritualistic record finishes with a literal ritual, which sounds demoniacal. After all the obscurity it's a truly mind-blowing way to finish the album. And only one thing remains to conclude the description of "Mirium Occultum" - this work is an outstanding piece of black metal.