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Back to the asylum. - 100%

EuanMalice, February 20th, 2010

Supervillain Outcast, an utterly maniacal full length release from Norwegian black/industrial psychopaths DHG (Dødheimsgard) is a perfectly crafted piece of metal masterwork.

Vicotnik has put an enormous amount of work into the song writing and it really shows here. The instruments and vocals compliment each other perfectly with frantic drumming provided by Czral prior to an accident that left him partially paralysed. The drums interchanged with fanatical lead guitars performed by Vicotnik create the feeling of someone trapped in a straight jacket. The phenomenal vocals supplied by Code’s front man Kvohst give the frustrated, insane voice to the person trapped inside the straight jacket. The vast majority of the vocals are not the typical black metal rasp but rather a more crazed scream which are juxtaposed in parts but sombre spoken word.

The opening track “Vendetta Assassin” (aside from intro “Dushman”) begins with a barrage of blast beats and riffing supported by thick rhythm guitars. Followed by “The Snuff Dreams Are Made Of” which is a more mid paced aural assault the album rarely lets up it’s intensity only for a number of solemn interludes dispersed throughout the album. Track such as “Apocalypticism” and “Fox X Foe” incorporate some small, almost dance like drums beats contained in the background to supplement the initial drum assault. The synthesizers and small use of samples add an extra dimension to the album, incorporating strange electronic noises and some aforementioned slight dance-like beats and noise. They really affix another level to the insanity of this album. The vocals that permeate the album

The production, done by Vicotnik himself, is clean, but not overly clean or sterile which serves the album well and only adds to the atmosphere. There is still certain muddiness to the guitars and leads which only adds to the overall atmosphere of the album. The drumming is very technical but the organic production creates a claustrophobic atmosphere for the drumming. The lead guitars cut through the mix, essentially winding their way like a frenzied snake throughout the album. The vocals are quite raw, but are meticulously arranged by Kvohst.

Overall the album has been intricately planned by master composer Vicotnik and the lyrics written entirely by Kvohst except for track 11 by Aldrahn are another talking point of the release. There is a recurring theme in the lyrics of a comic book type story and this is further reflected in the artwork of the album. The insanity and sustained intensity of the release make it a certain classic. This album, as most of DHG’s albums do, serves as a breath of fresh air into a long stagnated metal scene.