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Den Svarte Metal - 86%

nilgoun, July 1st, 2011

The opener Dødsfall starts really harsh: After a short sample they go right into your face with neat blastbeats, doublebass attacks, fast riffs and of course vocals. The first thought might be, that the song follows a linear structure, but then there are several melodic passages which add some groove as well as they loosen up the tight sound. The passages are a bit slower than the normal ones and so there are some changes in tempi. All in all the song is not that true, but nice to hear.

This is how the whole record functions: A linear, cold basis opens the songs with blastbeats, doublebass passages and the vocals until some melodic structures break the song up. Those passages do not have to be slower than the original riff, but that happens a lot. Dødsfall know how to arrange and play their instruments so that it is a pleasure to listen. The only flaw on this site are the drums, which are just programmed and therefore lacking of some dynamic. All in all the songs are relatively raw, cold and of course oldschool/true.

The drums aren’t the only flaw the record contains. There are several moments, in which you will realize that the songs are akin from time to time and in addition to that there are some riffs, which they seem to have picked up on their quest to revive the truve Norwegian black metal, that could remind you of some oldschool bands. This effect gets weakened through some special effects like the solo in I Helvete Et Vi Dypt Savnet.


Dødsfall manage (although they aren’t the only band who achieved this) to revive the true norwegian black metal and so the old days. With the old days, they revived the old problem as well: There is some monotony (which is weakened through those mentioned special effects). The production is surprisingly well done, although there is the rawness they wanted. Den Svarte Skogen surely is a well done debut record, although it contains some minor flaws. So they accomplished their quest!

nilgoun -