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A steppingstone. - 80%

Svarthavid, May 13th, 2007

Dødheimsgard is one of the bands who have changed style completely. This is a steppingstone between their old style (more traditional black metal) and their new style(industrial metal).

The sound is very good on most of the tracks, maybe except track 4, and the style used here is mostly black metal with some piano stuff (sort of mellodic). And they have one of the greatest black metal vocalists, Aldrahn. He can do almost everything with his voice. We have also great drum work by either Czral or Vikotnik, I’m not sure . And the last things who shines out is Stine Lunde with her violin work And mr. Magic Logic AKA Zweizz with his keyboard work.

The first song on the EP is the intro “Aneiroscope”. Like fellow reviewers have said, this is a haunted house melody played on the piano. It suddanly burst into track 2, “Traces of reality”. It’s a fast, over 7 minute long song. I love the part when the piano breaks in. There’s also an interlude in the song, just to speed it up again. A very good song.

Track 3 is called symptome. It’s more strait-forward, but my favorite song on this album. I just love the piano melody at the near end of the song. It’s just fucking awsome! Best song on the EP.

Track 4, The Paramount empire, is recorded earlyer than the other songs. The sound changes completely, and the vocals are both sick and awfull. It’s more of a traditional black metal song. But it has a nice bass solo, and it’s quite cool when the vocals are gone. An ok song.

We are now left with the outro, Wrapped in plastic. It’s not good, but not bad either. Just a piano and keyboard melody that is a sort of end of the war theame.

The album is in no way bad, but it’s just that it’s a bit too short, only 16 minutes, and track 4 seams a bit out of place here. Buy it if you like black metal with some piano and some mellodic stuff, otherwise, don’t bother.