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Not bad for what it is - 73%

GodlessDolphin, January 29th, 2005

A lot of mid-eighties metal hasn't stood the test of time. Stuff that was decent but generic back then now sounds too outdated to stomach. This is especially true of a lot of the second string bands that wound up disappearing into the Metal Blade or Shrapnel catalogs, buried by time and dust. Thankfully, it's not true of Detente. Although no one would mistake Recognize No Authority for an eternal classic, it's still a good listen if you have a crush on early thrashy metal.

The first song, "Losers", establishes the heavy hardcore influence that will be popping up throughout the album. It's like early Cro-Mags meets early Megadeth. For the most part, though, the HC influences aren't noticeable on every song and the best songs on the album are more conventionally metal ("Russian Roulette" sounds a bit like Omen, for instance). Dawn Crosby's vocals are miles away from the gothic singing style she would use with Fear of God. Here she uses a raw shrieking style that's not too dissimilar from that of John Connelly from Nuclear Assault, only slipping into her more melodic style on the slower songs like "Life Is Pain". It might sound annoying, but it fits Detente's music very well. It's also pretty novel, as you don't hear too many singers who can maintain the level of raw intensity that Crosby had here.

I'm also digging the album's production: authentic lo-fi trashy thrash production from the eighties will always smite gimmicky "grim" latter day black metal sound. Overall, a safe purchase if anything said here sounds good to you.