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Czarci Świt - Diabły wzywają

Generally Overhated (but still terrible) - 20%

LUCIFORUS, April 2nd, 2024

Is this album good? No. Does this album deserve all the hate it gets? No (or at least partially).

We'll start with the bad. Most of the hate comes from the fact that the production is terrible (which I agree with). Another big problem with this album is that the guitars sound like they weren't plugged in and generally sound like shit. The drumming- scratch that, everything, everything is off-tempo. Usually (for me at least), shittier production makes vocals (and the whole album for that matter) sound much more dirty and intense. This album takes the former and ramps it up. The vocals (in this case severely weakened by the production) could've been pretty good, but they sound like they were recorded by playing them through a phone speaker into a mic.

Now for the good (yes even this album has redeemable qualities). There were 3 tracks on this album that I "enjoyed." They are: Zmierzch, Na drodze ku bramom, and ...Lecz demony Whislandh nadal czuwają. The first 2 are both pretty well done black ambient tracks. If there was a better produced song (with actually distorted guitars) Zmierzch would make a pretty good intro. It just doesn't fit with the rest of this album. Na drodze ku bramom is another well done piece (probably because what makes this album bad isn't present on this song). I could very well see this song as something by Moevot (very good band, check them out). The last track I listed, ...Lecz demony Whislandh nadal czuwają I only partially enjoyed. Keldon finally turning on his distortion at the very end was nice.

Overall: This is The Shaggs of Black Metal.