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Other then the stupid robot voice, it's great. - 90%

megafury, August 8th, 2003

A fine piece of work but with two things that bother me. That robotic voice, it's sounds like some dumb futuristic robot reject from some bad 80's kiddy cartoon and the female vocals. I don't mind female vocals much but it kind of feels out of place here. I think the album would actually be even better with virtually no vocals at all, especially in the song, "Sentiment", whoever is talking in that song sounds funny.

It would stand strong as a real solid album if it stuck with being a progressive jazzy death metal jam session. Catchy memeorable moments come up often in the music when the jazz parts come up. This sounds like Death's "Human" album only with a great emphasis on jazz.

Taleneted band with good technical skills. I enjoy every solo that comes up. The album may not be littered with solos, but there's enough to keep you happy.

If you want to hear something beautiful, listen to the song, "Textures", I love every minute of it. If this song was absent from the album, I probably would have lowered the admiration I have for the Cd dramatically. Textures has no vocals, which is why it's perfect. The band displays how well it could create melodic jazz and make it burst into some thrashy death metal. The softness and roughness were blended well together and you get to appreciate the music without the distracting vocals that are in the rest of the album.