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Perfect in every way... - 100%

Skullhammer, July 26th, 2004

Cynic... along with Atheist these guys were the outcast of the Florida death metal scene in the early 90's. For what reason? By being more talented than the other bands. For having a jazzy influence... by being different. These guys didn’t deserve to be booed of stages. These guys didn’t deserve a short career with 4 demos’ and 1 full release.

Anyway this album is perfect. Paul Masvidal was afraid of losing his voice so he quit growling. His vocals were now clean but they used synthesizers and in the end the voice sounds sort of like Ozzy's voice in Planet Caravan but with a rather robotic feel to it. It can’t be explained in words. The vocals are rather odd but perfect. Also Tony Teegarden is added for the growling death metal vocals so you have a mixture of robotic clean vocals and growling death metal vocals. It works well.

The guitar work is simply amazing. It’s so fast, so original, so crazy! There are so many riffs. Its amazing these guys could play so well. Paul Masvidal and Jason Gobel are by far one of the best duo guitarists. The guitar riffs aren’t parallel to each other either. While Paul is playing something, Jason plays something completely different. It’s so weird and different from anything else you may have heard but it works perfectly. Sean Malone's bass lines are simply amazing. Sean Reinert's drum playing is also great. Everything about this album is great other than the short length.

All the songs are completely different from each other. Textures stands out from the rest. It’s an instrumental song with jazzy clean guitars. And then near the end distorted guitars come in. Pure brilliance.

To sum everything up this album is PERFECT! If you can manage to find a copy of this album GET IT no matter what the cost is. You won’t be disappointed...