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Best Prog./Death album EVER. - 100%

Dead_As_A_Door_Nail, October 13th, 2003

This album is something special. It takes elements of complex, jam-session jazz and fuses it with technical death metal (think Death's "Human" or "Individual Thought Patterns") PERFECTLY. From the pure jazz/death classic, "Veil Of Maya" to the more straight forward, but still technical "Uroboric Forms" to the jazz instrumental "Textures", this album has you in it's grasp from the very begining and doesn't stop bombarding you with complex drum beats, death growls, spacy robot voices, atmospheric keyboard licks, mighty guitar riffs or awe-inspiring bass lines until the very end. Some people may be turned off by the off the wall jam session feel, but i find it a good thing. There is so much going on at once, that you'd want to listen to it over and over again so you can get every little detail. Sure, the robotic sounding vocals and the female vocals that come in from time to time may be a bit hard to get used to at it ENHANCES the musical experience and it fits well with the free, atmospheric sound. Every song here is a winner, there is no such thing as a weak track in this album, it's all just about perfect.