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The best of all time. - 100%

msupplier, November 2nd, 2009

How to begin writing a review on the most prolific, skillful, brutal, & technically sound release of all time? Well, I'm not sure, but here goes.

Considering this is just a 3 song demo it may seem a bit ridiculous for me to make such a claim of the sheer brilliance of this release, but it is just undeniable. This classic lineup of Paul Masvidal, Jason Gobel, Tony Choy, & Sean Reinheart were just flat out born to play together & create this masterpiece. The fluency of their playing seems effortless, yet full of complete cohesiveness and dripping with emotion. (and keep in mind these guys were barely 20 years old at this juncture of their respective careers).

Listening to the opener "Uroboric Forms" is like being given a million dollars. You just know that it is correct & you feel at peace. Everything works and you can't deny you are listening to something extraordinary. The second track "The Eagle Nature" is a masterpiece. The way Paul vocalizes is brilliant. Simple, subtle changes from his semi-growled vocals to the mesmerizing half-sung, half-spoken vocal parts are truly amazing all the while melding perfectly with the expert drumming, bass mastery, & legendary guitar work. The closing track "Pleading for Preservation" slides along perfectly & finds itself culminating into one of the best endings of a song ever. The harmonization & togetherness of the band as a whole as the song builds up and comes to a close is relentless, yet perfect, brutal & beautiful all at once.

Not taking away from the other Cynic releases or the great work & quality bands the members have been a part of before and after this release, but this is perfect. I can remember anxiously awaiting the release of "Focus" after I heard this, but it just didn't compare. Not to diminish the quality of that great album, but it just wasn't in the same league & nothing else has ever been by anyone.

If you haven't heard this recording, you must seek it out. It is a necessity.