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Greatest Demo, ever... - 92%

Chrispaks, August 6th, 2007

What else can be this amazing? I mean, just listening to the first few seconds of this demo make you realize how much of a potential this band really had. If the last demo was not enough for someone to believe Cynic is trying to be one of the heaviest bands around, then this will put them over the top.

First we have Uroboric Forms. I don't even need to explain how fast this track is. It was so well done, that they put this on Focus. The entire thing is blisteringly fast speed double bass with a technical touch that puts it out of the ordinary. It's amazing how Sean Reinert can make his drums flow so well with the guitar. At some parts it just says to your ears "This is the perfect combination of double bass and tremolo picking."
You accept it to be one hell of a song because it ends with some blast beats and then an all out double bass frenzy to prove its true heaviness. The only sad thing about this song is how short it is. Well, at least it has a nice solo and lasts almost 4 minutes.

Next, Eagle Nature-- with Tony Choy. This is heavier then the one on Cynic's main album, but lacks atmosphere. This is not bad, because it is completely replaced by the aggressiveness seen in the earlier track. The bass has more of a jazzy feel as seen in Atheist.
As such, this track is officially 255 BPM, almost Cynic's fastest song (How Could I reaches 260 on some parts). The ending is also ethereal as Uroboric Forms is, but the ending to the true Eagle Nature is continued on the intro (At least I think) on Pleading For Preservation. If this song was just a tiny bit heavier (Ok by what I say, I mean if this thing was as insane as Uroboric Forms), it would probably be a near 99% review. It's a well done demo, just it feels all thrash.