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Not as many pieces to die from, but enough - 80%

slayrrr666, September 11th, 2014
Written based on this version: 2013, CD, Bizarre Leprous Production

The third release from the Czech brutal death metal band Cutterred Flesh, “Dying in Pieces,” may not be one of the most original albums in this select genre but certainly provides enough to really make for a fine listen at times.

Much like most brutal death metal acts, this group is certainly quite content in delivering that kind of attitude throughout here. This is essentially the same tight, crunchy riff-work that’s become the norm for the genre throughout here with a tight, frantic series of rhythms that allow the brutality to come through. Those rhythms are incredibly tight, dense and feature that crunchy pace that allows this to go into either slow, sprawling sections that allow the tempo to gesticulate and wash over the listener or go into the faster, more dynamic realms where it can offer an influx of technicality amongst the speed. That dynamic quality throughout here allows the mid-tempo chugging to become the featured model displayed here with plenty of arrangements favoring this style that really allows the dense patterns to come into focus quite easily, making this a lot darker and more in tone with the heavy arrangements that come into focus due to that style.

Along with the heavy riff-work on display, the rest of this isn’t bad at all. The few touches of technicality present are actually quite tastefully utilized with this providing more of a general touch of complex arrangements that offset the singular, simplistic chugging rhythms that are so frequently utilized. It isn’t about how many riffs can be shot off in a few-seconds-long rhythm or descending into showboating for the sake of it, but rather it’s done more so that there’s a way of injecting variation into the rhythms provided by the album’s main chug-heavy attack as that also manages to help out with the albums’ other factors here. The drumming is clearly on fine display throughout here with this one getting plenty of dynamic and dexterous patterns throughout that complements the other efforts with this managing to fire away at rapid-fire paces on the more up-tempo selections while maintaining a heavy round of blastbeats and double-bass pounding for the chug-heavy rhythms. This helps to add to the brutal atmosphere quite well while the dexterous patterns in the technical sections give this an extra bit of energy that helps propel this along quite nicely with a lot to like overall here.

Overall, this is certainly a fine assault of brutal death metal but that’s also the album’s biggest factor here. This overall just tends to run the gamut as a prototypical example of the genre without really doing anything to really cause it to stand out all that much. This is pretty much just the way most bands approach the genre, with an influx of tight, dense riffing throughout augmented by the odd technically-precise effort to break things up and generally only alternating on the tempo of the pieces to differentiate themselves for each track. While none of this is in anyway an indictment against the competency of the band which is surely a plus here coming against the kind of quality presented throughout, but all it really does is play a style really well without getting into a mindset that really makes it stand-out from the crowd. In the end, all this really does is generate brutal death metal in a competent fashion with all the familiar trappings of the style, and it can be quite hard to make it through the album when there are numerous other bands out there giving a more engaging effort in the style. Otherwise, this is definitely a fine overall entry in the genre with there being a lot to like up front with the album giving off some enjoyable tracks in the first half before really breaking loose in the second half and really allowing those more brutal rhythms to come through a little better. It may give off the appearance of going in a different direction as the better tracks are found deeper in the album, but that’s not a big detriment and overall this is still a quality genre act.

Throughout the album, it tends to provide exactly what’s promised in brutal death metal. First song ‘Progressive Body Adjustment’ goes beyond the faded noise intro that gives way to blistering drumming, razor-wire riffing and clanking mid-tempo paces through the pounding drumming and heavy chugging riff-work for a dynamic, immediate start to this. The tight ‘Training of Pure Cut’ features rattling riff-work and sprawling tempos ushered with blasting drumming, heavy crunchy chugging and the droning bass-lines to make for a charging final half with more energetic patterns to make for a solid overall effort. Slowing down slightly, ‘Enslave the Dead’ uses rattling drumming and sprawling riffing takes a chunky mid-tempo pace through the furious riffing, pounding drumming and up-tick in energy with the slower rhythms back in play for the finale to keep this going along but doesn’t really stick out too much. Getting back into action, ‘Punished Divinity’ fires immediate crunchy riffing and dynamic drumming against the swirling riff-patterns that flow through the mid-tempo crunch full of dexterous drum-blasts, blasting rhythms and technically-complex chugging in the finale for a punishing effort and an overall album highlight. Instrumental ‘Fragments of Dying’ uses frantic, swirling riffing and plodding tempos wash over into tight chugging, heavy clanking bass-lines and swirling patterns of furious riff-work throughout for an overall decent impression in the first half.

The second half to this really does generate a lot of great stuff. ‘Second Round of Decapitation’ starts slow, sprawling rhythms with plenty of tight chugging, plodding drumming that works into far more dynamic and frantic tempos in the second half with blasting drumming, technical razor-wire riffs and surging paces alternating throughout which easily makes this an album highlight. The tight ‘Whispering Death’ blazes with raging mid-tempo chugging and clanking drumming that works in dexterous patterns and tight riffs that charge through the heavier sections in the later half with swirling rhythms and frantic energy throughout in another stand-out effort here. Easing off slightly, ‘Imperfect Winter Suicide’ is more about plodding mid-tempo chugging and clanking rhythms that merge into frenzied patterns and plenty of crunchy riff-work throughout the frenzied second half full of frantic paces and sprawling tempos, halting the momentum slightly but still making for a dynamic track at times. ‘Scattered Seeds of Plague’ comes in with crushing rhythms and frantic chugging throughout with sprawling tempos and dynamic drumming that makes the technical riff-work along into the frantic second half with plenty of dynamic patterns throughout to end this on a great note.

Not nearly as impressive a showing as others in the genre, but still manages to feature enough to make it a tight, frantic blast of death metal that has a lot to like overall here. Certainly a worthwhile addition to any brutal death fanatic or Eastern European metal in general, the fact that this doesn’t really do a whole lot of really original fare might make this a somewhat challenging effort for newcomers to the scene to start with.