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Cult of Extinction - Ritual in the Absolute Absence of Light

Sacred Glorification of Pandemic Barbarity - 85%

Nattskog7, September 18th, 2022
Written based on this version: 2019, CD, Iron Bonehead Productions (Limited edition)

Here I review the heavily anticipated debut full length album from blackened death metallers Cult Of Extinction.

The opening of the record is eerie enough without any need for guitar, bass, drums or vocals, giving a haunting ambient soundscape to begin things with that sets a horrifically unsettling mood, perfectly putting things in place for what lies ahead. A cacophony of guitars that growl with putridity and violent drum hits bring in the bestial sound of the band with utmost force, a doomy mood filled with vitriolic disparity fills the air before the lead guitars mold glistening dissonance over the rhythm sections. Fierce instrumentals and hideously aggressive vocals drive themselves in for a performance of utter morbidity and hatefully raw onslaughts. While the elements of classic war metal bands like Revenge are certainly in place with the swelling drum blasts and macabre guitar churning alongside totally insane vocal screams and belches, there is also a more discordant flourish to the music that sets it apart.

A sonic onslaught of beaming instrumentals rip you from your comfort zone on this record with disturbing melodies used minimally amongst the ferociously ripping grooves and barbaric vocal performance. The estranged grinding bombardment of war metal with a twinkling occasionally gorgeous lead guitar buried in violating guitars and grindcore level drumming reminds me of Infernal Coil but with a more unhinging production style that feels muddied and truly evil with depravity being conveyed amongst the nuclear savagery. Progressive is not a term I would associate with war metal, but the use of intricate lead work and more sombre atmospherics, while subtle, clearly do show a new angle on the genre and make for an excitingly refreshing experience while retaining the primitive and violent spirit of the sound. Excellent sampling makes appearances to add even more disturbing visions to the barbarity and disconcerting feel of the album. Another unique element in war metal that they have is a really thick bass sound that really drives the sound in (similarly to the stomping thunder of bands like Archgoat).

This record violates and decimates you in about thirty minutes leaving you thirsty for more while feeling fulfilled and satisfied in the totally unrelenting supremacy of the album. While I am not shy to call this war metal with the unmistakable mixture of piercing black metal and thunderous death metal, there is more to it than that, adding some industrial and noise elements along with their own blend of more dissonant workmanship, truly marvellous. This is not one for the run-of-the-mill black/death metal fan, but a true gem for the bestial maniacs.

Written for

contempt of purity - 84%

Cosmic Mystery, March 6th, 2020

I have often summoned the thought of encountering a musical effort that would not only be ripe with fury but also boast a decent level of fright. Something that would be different from what I have already encountered yet still have the recognizable traits of the genre. Cult of Extinction has danced with that which I speak of, in delivering a bone chilling, yet bellicose escapade, Ritual in the Absolute Absence of Light. Though not as potent as I would like it to be, it surely makes a confident stride towards achieving exhilaration, fear and belligerence in one run. This 32 minute process of spiritual cruelty in the shape of Ritual in the Absolute Absence of Light, does not exclude atmosphere when trying to encompass the listener whilst conjuring nightmarish images of parasitic spiritual warfare.

Ritual in the Absolute Absence of Light excites and arouses the listener/s thoughts, its bestial nature is mantled by unsettling musicianship in all aspects. This is an evil, unnerving piece of material, a record that not only accomplishes a fearful atmosphere, but is not reluctant to spar viciously with black/death metal bestiality; therefore, displaying a combative drum, guitar and inhuman vocal performance. It is bathed in spiritual warfare, the vocalist sounds as though multiple numinous forces are at war with each other, with aim of acquiring a human vessel. Like multiple diabolic entities forcing their way into one existing body, Ritual in the Absolute Absence of Light channels indiscreet hostility from beginning to end even during slower moments, no compromises!. I’m impressed with the drumming to a great degree, hence it is arguably the key to making Ritual in the Absolute Absence of Light a rancorous awakening, along with the barbarous vocal exhibition. The eruptive snare and cymbal throbbing, screeching guitar riffs and possessed-sounding throats all have the characteristics of the bestial “war metal” genre; however, it's the atmosphere that makes this a terrifying experience. Thing is, alongside the furious galloping frenzy, lies an uneasiness manifesting on all sessions. An uneasiness that would meet a sinister climax half-way through the recordings; Ritual in the Absolute Absence of Light jumps out, bringing to life a potent feeling of trepidation with an almost surreal and visceral sample in machinating with “Possessed by a Servant of Iblis”.

The opening power-chords on “Possessed by a Servant of Iblis”; hearing it on a second instance when knowing what follows, raises the frightening effect of the exorcism sample.

“Possessed by a Servant of Iblis” captures the surrealism of seeing an occurrence of such nature. Don't know where they got that sample from, but does it raise hairs. Sounds like an exorcism is taking place just next door. It builds an uneasiness, a looming air of discomfort that coats the record. And speaking of discomfort, “The Descent” appears heavily influenced by black metal the likes of Pa Vesh En; yet, still accompanying the interlude of sorts, is an unyielding weight of aggression and fear, further enforcing the bestiality already dominant on Ritual in the Absolute Absence of Light. As a warning, the album cover is enough, looks like a congregation of malefic entities swarming, whilst awaiting the entrance-opening leading to the nucleus of a physical vessel. Or thousands of morbid souls already existing within one shell fighting for permanent control; either way, much credit to the artist responsible in being able to portray this chaotic scene as a representation of the music.

I understand the driving force behind Cult of Extinction; 'Void', is involved in numerous metal projects, thus Ritual in the Absolute Absence of Light has risen my eagerness to hear what other workings he has developed within them. Ritual in the Absolute Absence of Light is both a spiritual and militant transmission, one that awakens to the challenge of bestial metal transcendence.

At the eve of spiritual infestation/dormant lieth the soul

  • ‘Anti-Monad Black Hole Bomb’

  • ‘Blood of the Theurg’

  • ‘Inverted Henosis’

  • Submerged in metaphysical contamination

  • ‘Possessed by a Servant of Iblis’

  • ‘Emanated from the Cosmic Dark’

  • ‘The Descent’