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Cult Of Eyeball - 88%

Sweetie, April 7th, 2021

Few modern black metal bands touch levels of impressive riffiness than the Greek scene. Cult Of Eibon are pretty fresh off the market. Though they have no full-lengths to their name, their latest EP Lycan Twilight Sorcery almost works as one. Often compared to Rotting Christ, this trio ditches anything overly atmospheric and focuses on mean grit and strong rhythm. For that, I find them one of the easiest of their type to digest.

For one, the cleanliness of the riffs themselves is extremely pleasant, despite having such a mean boost from the burning tones. This gives them a strong sense of memorability while also containing a sharper bite. If that isn’t enough, multiple vocal styles trade-off alongside this, ranging from long shrieks that are a bit more typical, to lower growls that add some flavor. For a small garnish, you’ll find your synths in the background making appearances here and there, working solely for the purpose of haunting effect.

Lycan Twilight Sorcery spreads all of this nicely across the board. The even representation in “Wolf Blood Communion” is pretty incredible, and packs the most weight in at once. You even get a calm, bass-driven break midway through. Others like “The Dweller Of The Woods'' lean harder to the melodic side, honing in a more classic feel. The title track is the opposite, incorporating more blast beats and faster picking tropes. When the songs aren’t looking for breakneck speeds, the steadiness and consistency of the drums are impressive, helping things move smoothly.

Though it’s a short offering, Cult Of Eibon really offers everything that I could want in this kind of release. A true full-length to show where they could move from here would be solid, but musically I have zero complaints.

Originally written for Metal Inferno